Leseko® Machines

LESEKO®  – log/timber processing machines are produced in Finland with over 22 years experience. Over 1200 units delivered worldwide, mainly semi-automatic. Machines are naturally CE-marked.

Simple and professional manufacturing of round wood for wood cabins etc. Special machines also for massive log, planed log profile, glue laminated timber/beams etc. We offer total production lines, too.

In our exhibition and training center in Leppäkoski, Finland (near Helsinki) we have LESEKO wood table, notching/grooving/mortising/drilling/cutting unit LESEKO DUO and LESEKO 4 cutter notching machine with rotating cycle (for square profiled timber), spraying unit LESEKO ANTISEPT (anti-blueing). Also commercial consultation and on-the-job training in several languages.

All machines are manufactured according to customer order. On these pages you will find a few examples. We reserve the right for alterations without any further notice.

Please contact us for further information.