Leseko® Round log production line


LESEKO® production line consists of machines for manufacturing of house logs of round profile. Our semi-automatic machines are an efficient solution for small and medium size business where full automation is not required.

A complete line can be seen operating in our exhibition and demonstration hall in Loppi, 70 km from Helsinki, Finland. There are a Leseko log table, round log lathe Leseko Grand, Leseko DUO machine (for cross-cutting/mortising/notching/drilling machine) and a tunnel spraying machine Leseko Antiseptic for anti-blueing treatment. Training is offered to all customers purchasing our machines.

For professional production we strongly recommend to buy also Leseko DUO (for cross-cutting, mortising, notching, drilling) in order to maximise the production. Actually Leseko DUO can handle the output of two lathes.

Please find here a basic proposal for a round log production line. Further machines are available, for example for bay windows etc. We will be happy to offer a complete line or individual machines according to your individual order.

Leseko Round wood production line